This website is dedicated to all kinds of mixed drink. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic. By definition is mixed drink a beverage, composed of two or more ingredients. Cocktail is a subset of mixed drinks. Proper cocktail should always contain a spirit, sweetener, water and bitter. The first mention about cocktails is dated to the early 18th century.

Information described in the following text will help you to understand, how this website works.

ABV Alcohol by volume (ABV) says, how much alcohol (ethanol) is in given volume of alcoholic beverage. If the drink is served with the ice cubes (On the rock), then it's displayed a range. Lowest value is for slow drinker (all ice is dissolved). Based on ABV value there are three color coded categories of drinks: 0 (green), 1-20 (orange) and more then 20 (red)

ColaRelativePrice In any recipe you can meet with the value CRP (ColaRelativePrice). This number represents the price of the drink in comparsion to the price of 0,5 liter bottle of Coca Cola. For example: if the CRP has value of 3,5 - then given drink will cost approximately 3,5 times more than 0,5 liter bottle of Coca Cola. CRP contains only average prices of liquids, used to prepare the drink.

volume The volume of a given type of glasses is not same. So you can set current size of your glass in each recipe. Ingredients volumes are then converted.

parts If you need to determine how many parts of given ingredient are in the drink, simply place cursor on it.

tools In the upper right corner of each drink are displayed icons with tools that you will need during preparation.

favorites If you are registered on the website, you have the option to add individual recipes into your favorites.

stars If you are registered, you can also evaluate the drinks by clicking on the appropriate star.

stars-personal If you made a judgement, next the stars is displayed value of your choice. You can change your preference at any time.

origin On the upper right side of the page there is a button with drop-down menu. Here you will find options for registration/login, settings and language selection.

bubble Registered user can set up preferred volume unit and volume for every glass type.

list For each ingredient are shown potential allergens. The same is true for recipes.