Basic equipment

Bar spoon

bar spoon

Bar spoon is used for mixing and layering drinks. Spoon length is above 20 cm, so you can easily reach the bottom of any glass.

Can opener

can opener

Electric or purely mechanical tool which make it easy to open any can.



Mixer is a multi-speed electrical device. With his help you can blend together all ingredients of mixed drink. The main part is a glass container. Mixing blades are from stainless steel. Lid must be well sealed.

Ice bucket

ice bucket

The container may be made from metal, glass or plastic. It is also used for long term storage of ice. It is therefore important to have container which is resistant to odor. Some models may be thermally insulated, so the ice will last longer.

Ice scoop

ice scoop

Wider scoop made from metal or plastic, for easy handling with ice.

Knife and chopping board


Cutting boards and knives are used for processing of fruits and vegetables.

Measuring cup

measuring cup

Metal or glass measuring cups with volume of 1.5 cl, 2 cl and 4 cl for acurate dosage of the ingredients.

Mixing glass

mixing glass

Predominately thick-walled glass cup with volume of range 500 ml to 1000 ml. Can be provided with a level mark.



Tool used like a pestle to mash or muddle fruits, herbs, or spices in the bottom of a glass to release their flavor.



Special bottle of 300 ml to 700 ml for mixing drinks by hand. It is made from metal or glass. They can be of different construction (Boston, Cobbler, French) - some may contain strainer and scoop.



Pourer (or nose) is small widget for easier pouring (dosage) beverages straight from the bottle.



Specially designed strainer, which prevents solid pieces to get into the glass.



Stirrers are sometime served with a drink, so the consumer can mix drink himself or pick up fruit from drink.



Straws are served with long drinks. Straw diameter depends proportionally on the drink density.



Shallow platform designed for carrying drinks.

Waiters knife

waiters knife

With this knife you can easily open any bottle or remove vignette.